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116Working with the iOS Home Screen (Springboard)
Appium usually requires an 'app' capability so that it can launch an app that you want to test. But what if you don't want to test any app in particular? In this case, we can decide to start with the 'Springboard' app, which is another name for the iOS home screen or app launcher.
Published May 20, 2020
115Retrieving Clipboard Text from a Real iOS Device
For real iOS devices, the typical commands to get content from the device clipboard don't work. Instead, we have to rely on automating the UI the way a user would. Luckily, that's not too much to ask for Appium!
Published May 6, 2020
112How to Specify Screenshot Orientation for iOS Devices
Sometimes, for reasons that are currently unfixable, Appium returns screenshots on iOS that don't match the actual orientation of the device screen. This varies based on type of device, iOS version, etc... Luckily, Appium has a special setting you can use to always enforce a certain orientation for the screenshot, if you know what it should be.
Published Apr 15, 2020
109Working with iPadOS Multitasking Split View
One of the greatest features of iPadOS is the ability to run multiple apps at once on the same screen, for a more powerful set of workflows. Using Appium and a bit of thoughtful hackery, we can mimic the user behaviors needed to enter into this Split View Multitasking mode.
Published Mar 19, 2020
108Working with iOS App Home Screen Actions
iOS apps have the ability to give the user access to shortcut actions that can be taken from the home screen. In this article, we take a look at how to automate that user flow using Appium.
Published Mar 12, 2020
82Streaming Video from iOS Devices
Learn how to record video and view a live stream in a web browser. Also we introduce the `mjpegScreenshotUrl` desired capability.
Published Aug 14, 2019
80Testing iOS Face ID with Appium
Appium has built-in commands for using the iOS simulator's ability to simulate successful and unsuccessful Face ID authentication.
Published Jul 31, 2019
77Optimizing WebDriverAgent Startup Performance
Our basic demo test suite can be optimized by 67%, reducing the length of every test from 12.8 seconds to 4.2 seconds.
Published Jul 10, 2019
68Automating Physical Buttons on iOS Devices
Mobile devices are not always pure screen--they have physical buttons as well. Using Appium's mobile executeScript methods, it's possible to automate several of the physical hardware buttons on an iOS device.
Published May 8, 2019
62Capturing iOS Simulator Network Traffic with Appium
Using a Proxy, we can capture the exact network packets sent from an iOS simulator and make assertions on their contents or timing. We can even modify the responses at will!
Published Mar 27, 2019
61How to Accurately Select Webviews Using the `fullContextList` Capability
The `fullContectList` desired capability can be used to select a specific webview context displayed on a device, if more than one are present.
Published Mar 20, 2019
59How to Automate Picker Wheel Controls
Sometimes working with iOS's pesky picker wheels can be an automation challenge. There are two methods for dealing with picker wheels, including a special method custom-designed to work with picker wheels even when the desired value is not known beforehand.
Published Mar 6, 2019
45Automating Voice Commands With Siri
'Siri, how do I automate you with Appium?' While Siri won't have the answer to that question, this edition of Appium Pro does! You can test your app's SiriKit integrations using Appium's `siriCommand` method.
Published Nov 28, 2018
43Setting iOS App Permissions Automatically
Using a special capability, you can automatically set the permissions necessary to test your app, which makes dealing with iOS system alerts authorizing those permissions a thing of the past. Some extra system setup is required to make this new capability work, but it's worth it.
Published Nov 14, 2018
41How To Test Real iOS Devices With Appium, Part 2
This is the second part in a full tutorial on getting real iOS devices to work with Appium. Assuming everything is installed and set up correctly, this is what you need to do to make Appium work its magic.
Published Oct 31, 2018
40How To Test On Real iOS Devices With Appium, Part 1
Connecting an iOS device to your computer and setting it up to be automated by Appium for the first time can be challenging; follow along with this post to get all the details you need for a first-time installation
Published Oct 24, 2018
37Capturing Browser Errors and Logs in iOS Web/Hybrid Apps
A lot of information is transmitted through the browser console, some of which is very useful, especially in cases of app errors. Using the log retrieval capabilities of the Appium client, we can gather browser console messages for storage as a test artifact or even to make assertions on app state.
Published Oct 3, 2018
36Using The 'nativeWebTap' Capability
When automating web applications using Appium, we sometimes run into situations where clicking an element doesn't appear to do anything in our tests, even though clicking the element manually works. The nativeWebTap capability comes to our rescue!
Published Sep 26, 2018
31Automating Custom Alert Buttons on iOS
Alerts in native mobile apps don't always work exactly the same way that alerts in web browsers do, which means we need a bit more than the WebDriver spec can give us. Appium has a special command to help manage the extra buttons that can be present in mobile alerts. In this edition we take a look at how it works on iOS.
Published Aug 22, 2018
30iOS-Specific Touch Action Methods
Sometimes using the standard Action APIs leads to undesired behavior due to the not-always-perfect mapping between the WebDriver spec and the available mobile automation technologies Appium uses. That's why Appium also makes platform-specific action methods available for 'direct' access to underlying action automation methods.
Published Aug 15, 2018
15Testing iOS Push Notifications
Push notifications are an essential part of many apps. How can you test that the appropriate messages are sent? Apple doesn't make it easy, but with Appium there's a way to solve the challenge by automating the notifications shade.
Published May 2, 2018
13Switching Between iOS Apps During a Test
Sometimes being able to automate your app-under-test (AUT) is not enough. People don't have just one app on their phone, and oftentimes your app depends on actions taken in another app. How do you test multi-app flows like this? With Appium, of course!
Published Apr 18, 2018
12Capturing Performance Data for Native iOS Apps
App usability is about more than functionality: if the user experience isn't snappy enough, it can be a big problem. Performance testing and analysis is an important phase of testing. Thankfully, Appium can gather performance data during the course of your iOS tests.
Published Apr 11, 2018
8How to Find Elements in iOS (Not) By XPath
If you've used Appium for any length of time, you've probably encountered the sad fact that, sometimes, xpath element queries are slow. In this newsletter, we explore why that is the case for iOS, and explore the various alternatives to XPath available to us, especially the little-known 'class chain' locator strategy.
Published Mar 7, 2018
6Testing iOS App Upgrades
It's important to test that user data and user experiences are not broken due to changes between app version upgrades. Appium provides some helpful commands to test iOS app upgrades all within the context of one Appium session.
Published Feb 21, 2018
1Seeding the iOS simulator with test photos
It's often necessary to automate the photo library of a device as part of testing a mobile app. But how do you ensure that photos you know about get there? In this edition, we walk through the methods required for doing this as part of your iOS app testing.
Published Jan 31, 2018