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115Retrieving Clipboard Text from a Real iOS Device
For real iOS devices, the typical commands to get content from the device clipboard don't work. Instead, we have to rely on automating the UI the way a user would. Luckily, that's not too much to ask for Appium!
Published May 6, 2020
41How To Test Real iOS Devices With Appium, Part 2
This is the second part in a full tutorial on getting real iOS devices to work with Appium. Assuming everything is installed and set up correctly, this is what you need to do to make Appium work its magic.
Published Oct 31, 2018
40How To Test On Real iOS Devices With Appium, Part 1
Connecting an iOS device to your computer and setting it up to be automated by Appium for the first time can be challenging; follow along with this post to get all the details you need for a first-time installation
Published Oct 24, 2018
15Testing iOS Push Notifications
Push notifications are an essential part of many apps. How can you test that the appropriate messages are sent? Apple doesn't make it easy, but with Appium there's a way to solve the challenge by automating the notifications shade.
Published May 2, 2018