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56What Appium Users Need to Know about Android Activities and Intents
What are Activities and Intents? How they shape Android app design and how we can improve our test suites by being aware of them.
Published Feb 13, 2019
55Using Mobile Execution Commands to Continuously Stream Device Logs with Appium
Using the 'mobile:starLogsBroadcast' command, we can open a WebSocket connection to Appium in order to asynchronously stream device logs on both Android and iOS
Published Feb 6, 2019
54Using Appium With Selenium Grid
Running your Appium tests in parallel is great, but using one Appium server doesn't scale to meet the needs of a production CI environment. For that, the best DIY option is Selenium Grid, which is a WebDriver-specific load balancer and proxy. Using Selenium Grid, you can easily add and remove capacity from your test grid, and mix in Selenium-based testing seamlessly alongside your Appium mobile tests.
Published Jan 30, 2019
53Accessing Android Logcat Logs with Appium
Android devices record detailed system logs, commonly referred to as 'logcat' logs. These logs sometimes contain information pertinent to tests, and can be easily read and saved from remote devices through the various Appium clients.
Published Jan 23, 2019
52Automating Mac Apps with Appium
Appium isn't just for automating on mobile. The appium-mac-driver can automate native MacOs (OSX) applications, which showcases the generality of the Appium approach for functional UI automation.
Published Jan 16, 2019
51Calling Methods Inside Your App From Appium
Appium, combined with the power of Espresso, can finally break its way out of the black box testing model. Whether this is something you want to do is of course up to you, but using the mobile: backdoor method, you can trigger app-internal methods with arbitrary parameters.
Published Jan 9, 2019
50Special Capabilities for Speeding up Android Test Initialization
Some new desired capabilities have been added, which when appropriately used can greatly increase the overall time it takes to run a test suite on Android devices.
Published Jan 2, 2019
49Donating Holiday Cheer Using Appium
Did you know that you can use Appium to do all kinds of things, including scripting your holiday donation to your favorite charity? Here's a little example to get you inspired to think out of the box with using Appium as a force of good in the world.
Published Dec 26, 2018
48Flashing Elements On Screen
Add some sparkle to your Appium test by making elements flash! Not only a party trick, this can be a useful technique for debugging your test scripts to visually verify that you've got a handle on the elements you think you do!
Published Dec 19, 2018